How do I schedule an event?

You can easily schedule and provide details for your event(s) using your Event Manager Dashboard!

If you need to purchase additional rooms, you can do this in your dashboard by clicking the yellow 'Purchase' button on the top right. Click here for additional explanation!

To confirm how many rooms you have available on your dashboard, check the top right hand corner where it will say 'Hosted' & 'Do It Yourself' (DIY is for our Subscription clients, so you may or may not have these available).

    • Each purchase will be listed as a 'Room Pack'
    • Unallocated means those are your unscheduled rooms
    • Allocated means they are in an 'event', could be a scheduled event for the future or unscheduled event.
    • Used means the scheduled event has passed

  1. Create an Event

    1. Open your Event Manager Dashboard
    2. Click the "Select Event" dropdown in the upper lefthand corner
    3. Click the purple "Create New Event" button
    4. Choose an experience for your group under "Hosted"
    5. Click "Book Event"

  1. Event Details: Re-title & Event Contact

    1. Click "Edit Event Details"
    2. Enter a new event title (optional)
    3. Click "Edit Contact Details"
    4. Enter the details for the organizer of that event
    5. Click "Save"

  2. Event Details: Add Room(s) & Schedule

    1. Click the + sign next to the "Number of Rooms" to add rooms to the event
      1. Each room has a max capacity of 25 attendees
      2. You can see the number of rooms you have available in the top menu bar
    2. Click "Schedule" open the date & time window

    3. Select the desired month, day, time zone, and start time
    4. Click "Confirm"
    5. Carefully review the confirmation pop up
    6. Click "Yes" on the pop up

  3. Edit Group Details: Pick Past Events (if applicable)

    1. Click "Edit Group Details"
      1. If this group already participated, you can bring in the Group Details from from a previous event by clicking the check box at the top of the Group Details window

    2. If returning attendees, click the "Yes" or "Maybe" radio button
      1. Click the check box(es) next to the specific previous event(s) they attended
      2. If the previous events are not listed, enter manually dates for those events
    3. If newcomers, simply indicate "No" and move on!

  4. Edit Group Details: Provide Additional Details

    1. Enter all relevant details under the "Group Details" section
    2. Click "Save" at the bottom
    3. Click "Ok" on the pop up

  5. Additional Options

    1. Edit Activity Details. Depending on your event tier, you may have additional options in the "Edit Activity Details" section.
    2. Event Producer. Also depending on your event tier, you may be in touch with your personal Event Producer.

Tip: Upon scheduling an event, you have immediate access to the complete login instructions (including the event link) for your attendees. See here for instructions.

Tip: Look for the green "Event is Ready to Run" message under the date tile for your event. This ensures we have the required information to produce your event!