Beat! That! Heat! Organization Donation Suggestions for your Event.

If you have an upcoming Beat! That! Heat! event, here are some donations we suggest!

If you booked a Beat! That! Heat! experience, you have the opportunity to donate to an amazing organization fighting climate change. Please follow the steps below and we will be sure to give you/your company a shout out at your event:

1. Select an organization you would like to support from the provided list below.

2. Decide on an amount & connect with the organization directly (The Go Game/Weve does not directly handle any donations and this must be done by you/someone on your team separately).

3. Please email or your dedicated Event Producer and let them know which organization you chose & the amount (if you wish to disclose), and your awesome Host will be sure to make a special announcement during your game!


Recommendations for organizations to donate to:


Nature Conservancy -

Amazon Watch


Clean Air Task Force -

Evergreen Collaborative -

Drawdown -


The Solutions Project -

Anpetu Wi -

Industrious Labs -

Rewiring America -

Open Supply Hub -







Sogorea Te’ Land Trust -


+ It's as fun as our other game shows, but with climate/sustainability-themed content

+ It’s the most FUN you will ever have talking about climate change

+ This game can boost morale and momentum around your company’s climate initiatives


+ The game show can showcase what YOUR company is doing to join the join the fight against climate change (or “join the movement for a thriving future”)

+ It boosts team morale by helping your employees feel inspired, energized, connected & hopeful

+ It can help you celebrate and retain top talent by showing them how they can take the lead in purpose-led work


+ What climate solutions actually make an impact (solutions that get us to “Drawdown”)

+ What inspiring climate victories are already happening across industries / around the world (we include case studies, anecdotes & examples)

+ Why climate action is best played as a team sport… with joy, laughter & community



"The Climate Action Gameshow was our keynote event for Earth month which generated over 100 ideas for climate action within a corporate setting, including ideas for employee benefits and executive commitments! The game brought together unlikely allies across departments and level-set important terms like ESG and major climate action breakthroughs. The process of designing the game show was as fun as the game show itself! Jenny is an exceptional master game designer who centers her [This experience] centers the audiences' joy to help fight climate change in our everyday lives. I recommend Jenny and the Climate Action Gameshow without hesitation"

-Amareux Rodriguez, Product Design, Technical Program Manager - COLLIBRA

I have so many great words to say about Jenny Gottstein and the Climate Action Game Show that I hardly know where to begin. The climate-focused employee group at my organization hosted the Climate Action Game Show to spark creativity, motivation, and enthusiasm for seizing the opportunity of fighting climate change at a company level. To say the event was a success is a considerable understatement; attendees generated over 100 ideas that we were then able to consolidate into a working plan for the rest of the year (and could easily stretch for 3 more). And this is on top of the utter joy all attendees experienced! I don't know what kind of game-design magic Jenny Gottstein harnesses, but she has changed my mindset around tackling climate change and I've felt a renewed sense of purpose ever since. I couldn't recommend Jenny and the Climate Action Game Show with more fervor.

-Joe Lisle, Head of Talent Analytics - COLLIBRA