Can I join with my phone or tablet for a virtual event?

For the best experience on our Weve platform, let's open your laptop or power on your desktop computer.

Phones & tablets are not currently supported as a reliable device when on our platform. We encourage all players to join with a desktop or laptop when joining a virtual event.

  • Mobile devices, including iPads, are not officially supported on the Weve platform. You can see the official requirements here.
  • That being said, newer iPads have been able to participate on the Weve platform without much issues (depending on their internet connection). To be clear, iPads are not supported nor are they recommended. Older iPads almost always have issues joining the platform.
  • Our Hosts are knowledgeable to help support individuals trying to log in with a mobile device, but there is a limit to what they can do for an individual trying to join on a non-supported device. We cannot guarantee connectivity or functionality on mobile devices, including iPads.