Can multiple users play on the same computer?

The team that plays together, stays together!

Another great experience we offer is the opportunity for small, in-person groups to log in from one device to play together! We call this Conference Mode.

First, in order to incorporate Conference Mode into your game, please contact your Event Producer to request this option.

Next, inform the players they should be closely gathered around the screen, speakers, and microphone so they can see, hear, and be heard well. They should be in a separate area or far away enough from other participants who have logged in on separate devices to reduce the chances of distracting background noise or feedback.

Upon logging into the event, make sure they select the "Multiple Players" check box before entering their team name.

Conference Mode Screenshot 1

After that, they can follow the on-screen prompts to continue logging in as normal. Then, off to the races they go! 

Conference Mode Screenshot 2

*Note - while we do offer Conference Mode as an alternative option, we do suggest all players/as many players as possible log in from separate computers if possible. Some of our mini-games in our Game Show experience are better suited for separate log-ins.