What descriptions, promotional materials, or marketing assets are available to help me internally advertise my event?

We have an ever-growing collection of written and visual content to help you promote your Virtual Gameshow, Space Escape, or Mystery Express!

Feel free to download this arsenal of editable promotional and marketing materials, which we call the Hype Kit. 

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Below is a written description:

Welcome to our Game Show - the ultimate team-building experience, where we'll gather some of your favorite work humans (and some you just want to beat in a game or two) to play games perfect for both introverts and extroverts, both trivia buffs and artists, and both casual competitors and those who get up and do victory dances. 

Our virtual Game Show experience puts your group into a Weve game room with a fun live host. The host puts your group into teams so they can earn points while enjoying a whole variety of "mini-games" or "missions" that include trivia, pictionary, puzzles, scavenger hunt, name that tune, lip sync challenges, and more! Expect lots of collaboration, laughter, and magical moments!


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Below is a written description:

You and your team are "space cadets", on a training cruise around the solar system in a state-of-the-art space vessel. Your "Space Commander" (AKA your Weve Host) is meeting with you all for some routine training when suddenly the ship is taken over by a hostile and mysterious force!
Your team must now enter each room of the spaceship and solve the challenges you are presented with in order to retake control of the ship. And time is running out!! If you're not able to regain control in 60 minutes, the ship will crash on a hostile planet and you will all be done for!
Members of your group can choose to enter any room they like on the ship and take on the challenge that awaits them. But you must work together to battle the hostile forces and also beat the clock! This is a great virtual sci-fi experience for gamers, puzzle fanatics, and escape-the-room aficionados.


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Below is a written description:

With your band of intrepid travelers, can you race to solve the murder on board your train? Better think fast, because if you can’t…you will crash!

Solve riddles, logic puzzles, memory games, and more as you interview the suspects onboard. Your group will be divided into teams, competing as your own Sherlocks and Watsons to be the first to solve the mystery. As you advance, points will be awarded to each individual for speed and accuracy.

Keep on your toes, there’s a suspect on the loose! This immersive event from start to finish will have you turning up the volume in your headphones while you uncover hidden clues and characters. Will you and your teammates solve the murder in time? Or will this suspicious train go completely off the rails!