How can I test access on Weve?

Need to test your security or sound settings? We have a Test Link ready for you!

We have an A/V Test Link which means you can log in at anytime and test on our platform! This test will log you into a private room, meaning only YOU will be live. If anyone else clicks the link, they will have their own private room. 

You will go through the typical login screen and prompted into a room, along with some cute robots, aliens & friends to help fill the other teams 🤖👽👨‍💻. Once you are ready, please click 'Start Game'. You will then be asked a series of questions to further ensure you can see and hear videos/music. If you have any trouble, please screenshot & describe your issue using our Contact Form on the Dashboard.

🏁 To access the test, just click here!


The link will remember you for an hour. If you need to re-do the test, please wait 1 hour before clicking the link again, or retry on an Incognito Window


If you have not done so already, before joining the link, please review all the tech requirements here! 🏋️