How do I add rooms to my event?

Conveniently add rooms if you are expecting more participants for your event!

If you have hosted rooms available to use, you can add them to your existing event.

If you need to purchase additional rooms, you can do this in your dashboard by clicking the yellow 'Purchase' button on the top right. Click here for additional explanation!

To confirm how many rooms you have available on your dashboard, check the top right hand corner where it will say 'Hosted' & 'Do It Yourself' (DIY is for our Subscription clients, so you may or may not have these available).

    • Each purchase will be listed as a 'Room Pack'
    • Unallocated means those are your unscheduled rooms
    • Allocated means they are in an 'event', could be a scheduled event for the future or unscheduled event.
    • Used means the scheduled event has passed

Select your event, and go to Edit Event Details. From there, you can adjust the number of rooms using the ➕. If we have Hosts available, you will be able to add the rooms. If we do not, we will prompt you to reschedule to accommodate your new headcount 📆


Rooms can be added up to 24 hours of an event, or subject to availability