How do I see how many rooms or upgrades have been used/are available in my Dashboard?

Your available rooms/upgrades will help you plan your next event!


To confirm how many rooms you have available on your dashboard, check the top toolbar where it will say 'X Hosted | X Auto | X Open' (Note: Auto & Open Weves are for Weve+ Subscriptions/ Contact if you are interested in learning more about our subscription offerings!).

Hosted Weve is our professionally Hosted game experience with a live Weve Host

Auto Weve is an auot-pilot experience that offers shorter durations with pre-recorded videos leading you through your experience (offered with a Weve+ Subscription only)

Open Weve is a self-hosted meeting and game experience where you can lead your own meeting  and play an interactive game after your meeting (offered with a Weve+ Subscription only).

For more information on the Auto & Open Weve experiences, check out this FAQ page!


To confirm how many upgrades you have available you click on the drop down, you will see X Pro Upgrade(s) & X Premium Upgrade(s).


Each purchase of upgrades and rooms will be listed as a 'Pack'. 

  • For Pro & Premium upgrade purchases, it will show 'Unused' & 'Used'.
    • Unused means you have added it to an existing event
    • Used means it is still available to add to an event in the future
  • For room pack purchases, it will show 'Unallocated', 'Allocated', and 'Used'.
  • Unallocated means those are your unscheduled rooms that are available to add to an event in the future
  • Allocated means they are added to an event, which could be a scheduled event for the future or unscheduled event
  • Used means the scheduled event is in the past

If you need to purchase additional rooms or upgrades, you can do this in your dashboard by clicking the yellow 'Purchase' button on the top right. Click here for additional explanation!