How does the Raffle work?

The raffle feature randomly selects participants in the Lobby, bringing them into a broadcast room with a host.

The raffle feature is a great way to randomly select individual attendees that are present in the Lobby of your Weve event. There's a wheel, there's sound effects, and a live Host to facilitate the process. Perfect for randomly selecting individuals to give away fun prizes as a part of your event!

We like to keep it simple and easy for you and the participants - we can offer a live raffle broadcasted in the Lobby with our expert Hosts. Everyone in the Lobby will be able to watch from the broadcast. Usually, we will do the raffle after all the games have concluded.
Our raffle wheel will randomly draw names of those who are in the Lobby, and they will join the Host in the broadcast to accept their prize. You can offer us a list of what the prizes will be, or we can let them know they will be contacted via email from someone from your organization to claim their prize. 
Discuss with your Event Producer to get this set up for your event.

*This feature is reserved for our Premium events