How to take and send great photos for customized clue writing.

Have an indoor gamezone? Or are you playing in a gamezone that our clue writing team can NOT access with Google Streetview? Send us specific photos with their location noted, and we will write original clues from those photos.

FYI: Do NOT do this unless your Game Producer has specifically asked you to!  Unsure? Check with your Game Producer. 

Taking the Perfect Photos: 

  1. The more detailed photos, the better! If you need to provide two photos, that is fine! This way, the Game Producer can see where it is from far away, and then be able to see it up close to write a clue 🕵️‍♀️.
    1. Maps, plaques, murals, statues, signs, posters, elevator capacity signs, dedicated benches, and art pieces are great to write clues from.
    2. Make sure we can clearly see the words on a plaque, or sign etc. 
  2. Generally, 12-16 photos, from different locations, spread out throughout your game zone is a good number to shoot for. Check with your Game Producer for the exact number of photos needed. 
  3. When sending photos, Dropbox is a great way to do this. (easy to drop them all in and note the location). Or, you can drop them all into a Google Doc.  Or email them! 
  4. Make sure to label and note where each photo is located.  This is VERY important. 
    1. EX: the picture of Plaque X is located on the SE corner of the X Building.
  5. Please send to your Game Producer at least 5 business days prior to your Event Date! (If this isn’t possible, let your Game Producer know when you have access to the space so they can plan accordingly). 
  6. You do NOT need to write anything for the clue.  We will do that.  Just send us the great photo with a location, and leave the rest up to your Game Producer.

See below some examples of pictures/clues:

  • The basketball hoop alone is NOT a good clue - however, check out the second photo that includes a logo!


Reminder! Don't forget to include the location:  Location: Basketball Court SW of Building D.

  • Mickey Mouse photo is an okay clue! Even better, the second photo shows more detail. Ideal to include both pictures!


  • See more great examples below!


In a tricky Game Zone? Even small things can work, like a certificate on a wall, an elevator max capacity sign, or even a visible tag from a fire extinguisher 🧯


Industrial Area or Park? 

The Sewer is NOT a good picture by itself, but with the up Brand Name on it, it is great!