What are the A/V needs for our Awards Show?

If your event has an Awards Show, we have some tips for you to review for a successful finale!


The Go Game Adventure happens in 2 rounds: The Missions Round (the “scavenger hunt”) and The Judging Round (the Finale Show & Awards Ceremony) - when we watch the photos & videos the teams created during the Missions Round and vote on them for more points👏. 


Why do The Judging Round? The photo and video missions in the Missions Round give the teams a chance to use their creative skills, along with the myriad of other skills we call upon during a Go Game! The fun doesn’t end when the teams arrive at the end venue (booked by you!) for The Judging Round… your game producer/host will lead them through a 30-45 minute Finale & Awards Show wherein the teams will vote on each other's creations for the second half of the total points in The Go Game. 

What happens in the Judging Round? After teams arrive at the end venue and get settled, your Producer/Host will explain how the voting process works. We’ll watch the media, complete with music, sound effects, and hilarious commentary (this will all take amplified sound!) and we’ll laugh, chortle, guffaw, and gasp! After experiencing all the creative submissions, your Producer/Host will total the scores, announce the winners, and give away prizes (if applicable). This process, from the end of the Missions Round to the end of the Judging Round, usually takes about 30-45minutes. (We can also do a “delayed judging” where The Judging Round is not immediately after the Missions Round - for instance, we end the Missions Round at 4pm, but do the Judging Round after dinner at 8pm)


What A/V does The Go Game need? 

At the FRONT of the room (with a podium or high-top table):

  • an HDMI hookup: to a TV monitor OR projector with a screen 
  • an Aux hookup to a speaker system (⅛” inch) 
  • a microphone (wireless handheld and/or lavalier - may depend on host preference)
  • stable, reliable, and preferably fast internet connection


When looking for an ending venue for your finale, keep these tips in mind:

The Best End Venues:

  • ✅ Are PRIVATE. Conference Rooms, private event spaces, and restaurant buyouts all work the best
  • ✅ Have an IT person on hand to help with issues
  • ✅ Have all the A/V we need
  • ✅ Are ok with amplified sound
  • ✅ Have a table for each team


The Worst End Venues:

  • 👎 The middle of a busy restaurant
  • 👎 Anything outside in the sun
  • 👎 Anything outside that would disturb nearby folks
  • 👎 Anything without seats/with obstructed views of the screen