What are the structural options for a Game Show?

Traditional, Shuffle, Free Roam, & Tournament!

Check out our different styles of structures offered for the package you purchased! If you are unsure which is the best for your group, talk to your Sales Leader or your assigned Event Producer. Note, if you have a virtual Space Escape event or Murder on the Mystery Express event reserved these options do not apply as this is a fully themed & structured event. 


For Standard, Pro & Premium Packages

1 Round ~ 50-55 minutes: gives players more time to connect and play. This is, by far, is our most popular selection!



For Pro & Premium Packages

2 Rounds ~20-25 minutes each round: gives players the opportunity to play with more people.
Game rooms and teams are reshuffled for each round, enabling more "cross-pollination".
3+ Rounds require a 90+ minute booking.

Free Roam

For Pro & Premium Packages

Free Roam typically requires at least 2 Rounds. With Free Roam, players will play an introductory round of games for round 1. In round 2, players can elect to play in a new game room, or hang out & chat in the Lobby.


For Premium Packages

Tournaments require at least 2 rounds of play - and we can eliminate players to reveal an overall winner! This can get real competitive...you have been warned 😈. *Tournaments are reserved for our Premium level events


There can only be one winner...

All players will be randomly assigned to their game rooms & teams and play round 1. Once round 1 is over, all players will be sent back to the Lobby, and only the top teams will move on to our 'Championship' round! This way, we will have an overall winning team!