What are the requirements to attend a virtual event?

Computer? Check. Headphones? Check. Webcam? Check.

Below you will find some helpful troubleshooting steps that will always be in the template for you to share with all of your participants for a virtual event on our platform called Weve. This is listed with your instructions under 'Invite Links' on your dashboard.
  • 🎧 Headphones (Strongly recommended! Earbuds or AirPods are fine).
  • 💻 A laptop or desktop with web camera (Phones are not supported).
  • 🤫 Quiet area away from other players or background noise.
  • ❌ Close all other browser tabs and applications.
  • 📡 A good internet connection.
  • ✔️ Use the Chrome, Firefox, or Edge web browser.
  • 🔓 VPN can be incompatible with the event. Plan accordingly.
Yes. Unlike traditional video calls or conferences, your host will play music and videos, and you will spend very little time "muted". To prevent sound feedback and echoing for other players, everyone must use headphones. AirPods and earbuds are fine. Please have connected before logging in.


  1. Refresh your browser window.
  2. Use Chrome if you aren't already.
  3. Close all other applications & tabs.
  4. Try an incognito browser window.
  5. Disconnect from VPN.
  6. Reboot your computer.
  7. Connect using an iPhone and we can troubleshoot from there.

Need to know what domains need to be whitelisted to access Go Remote with a VPN or firewall? CLICK HERE!