What if more participants attend than planned for?

Tricky! We have a few options if more attendees show up to your Weve event than there is capacity for.

First, it is important to understand that Weve Hosted rooms have a capacity of 25 players, and each requires a live host to facilitate. Human hosts are needed, and rooms have this capacity max for legitimate technological reasons. The capacity limits are real and are not arbitrary.

Second, exceeding max capacity is ideally avoided through collecting RSVPs and tailoring capacity in the days leading up to your event. It is much easier for us to increase capacity with some notice, as opposed to during the first few minutes of your event. We highly recommend collecting RSVPs well in advance.

  • Option 1: Do Nothing. Rooms can fit up to 25 attendees each. Anything more can significantly degrade the experience for all players in a room, and is not recommended. If you choose not to add more rooms, it will be a first come first serve basis.
  • Option 2: Rotate Attendees. If you have multiple rounds of rooms, it may be possible for your Event Producer to shuffle the extra players into rooms during your event so that everyone gets to play a little. Attendees that are not actively playing will still be able to enjoy video chatting in the Lobby, and may be able to Spectate games (depending on your package).
  • Option 3: Add Additional Rooms. If we have available hosts, we may be able to accommodate the additional players by adding some last minute rooms. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee standby host availability, especially on busy dates or during peak hours. If your event is not within 24 hours and you would like to add rooms for your event, please check out this FAQ article for how to do so!

If your event is within 24 hours, please reach out to your day of contact, your Event Producer ASAP to check availability. Please note, this is based on availability and is not a recommended or guaranteed process of adding rooms.