What should I expect with a Game Show?

Check out what's in store for you!

The Game Show is our classic, most popular theme! Taking inspiration from current events and seasonal holidays, we produce an entirely new game every other month. Bring your team back month after month for an all-new game show experience each time. Every new experience is a chance to come together with your team for laughs and some friendly competition! 
Here is a brief overview of a Standard event:
  • You and the players will log in using your Invite Link day of the event
  • During the Log-in process, your players will go through these steps: Logging onto the Weve platform
  • About 5 minutes prior, the link will be unlocked which will allow your players access into the Lobby or Game Room
    • If you have purchased a single room, you will be loaded into your Game Room where you can see other players & your Host while you wait for the rest of your group to arrive.
    • If you purchased multiple rooms for a single event, you will load into a Lobby where you can video chat with up to 6 other players while you wait. You will be randomly assigned to a game room and you will see a timer for when your game will start.
  • Once majority of your players have logged in, we will launch the game room(s) with your live Host. You will be randomly assigned to teams.
  • The Host will take your team through a series of team building activities & games. All of our game rooms are a fun-filled mash-up of several different types of missions, including pub-style trivia, buzz-in game show rounds, drawing missions like pictionary, fun fact matches, and more! You can see all of the mission types we utilize here. 🎳 At the very end, we will announce the winning teams within in each room 🏆.