What should I expect with Mystery Express?

Here is more information before you board the Mystery Express!

With your band of intrepid travelers, can you race to solve the murder on board your train? Better think fast, because if you can’t…you will crash! 🚂

Solve riddles, logic puzzles, memory games, and more as you interview the suspects onboard. Your group will be divided into teams, competing as your own Sherlocks and Watsons to be the first to solve the mystery. As you advance, points will be awarded to each individual for speed and accuracy.

Keep on your toes, there’s a suspect on the loose! This immersive event from start to finish will have you turning up the volume in your headphones while you uncover hidden clues and characters. Will you and your teammates solve the murder in time? Or will this suspicious train go completely off the rails!

Check out this video of Mystery Express!
Members of your group can choose to enter any room they like on the train and take on the challenge that awaits them. But you must work together to battle the hostile forces and also beat the clock! This is a great virtual mystery experience for gamers, puzzle fanatics, and escape the room aficionados.

A few notes to remember about the Mystery Express, as it is different from our Virtual Game Show Event:

  • There are no customized logos, colors, trivia, or videos on this platform
  • You will not need to pre-assign teams. These are random, as players are able to join and play different missions of their choosing
  • Points start getting collected for each individual player when they are able to roam the train going to different rooms to solve puzzles. Each individual player will have their own score and you can see this in the Lobby Scoreboard as the event progresses.
At the end, we will have everyone join the Main Bridge to solve the mystery. In the Main Bridge, players are put into teams and will be awarded "team points" based off of time/answering the questions to solve. At the end, each team will be awarded team points at the end of the Main Bridge.
To recap, there will be individual player scores shown on a scoreboard in the lobby, and then there are separate team scores at the end of the Main Bridge.