Where is my Portal password? / How do I log into the Portal?

The Portal is your go-to location to get your event(s) organized, and it takes just a couple of steps to get logged in.

Check your booking email inbox for a temporary password/code.

You should have received a message to you booking email inbox upon finalizing your first Go Game booking. The email comes from info@thegogame.com, and it includes a password/code to be used as the password on the Portal login page.

Not seeing this email, or the password/code is expired?

No problem! Simply click "Forgot password?" on the dashboard login page to receive a fresh code:
  1. Click "Forgot password?"
  2. Enter your email address & click submit
  3. Look for an email from info@thegogame.com
  4. The email subject is "Password reset on portal.thegogame.com"
  5. Be sure to check spam if you're not seeing it
  6. Click the verification link and create a password to login

Receiving an error that your email address is not found?

This typically is due to one of two problems:

  • The email associated with your booking is different than the one you are trying to use to log into the Dashboard. Please ensure you're using the same email address you booked/purchased with.
  • Occasionally the dashboard gets hung up on capitalized letters. Please ensure you only use lowercase letters when inputting your email address. For example:
    • My.Name@Email.com (do not use capital letters)
    • my.name@email.com (only use lower case letters)

Still Struggling?

If the link takes you to a blank screen or a broken link, please try again using a Chrome browser, or Incognito.