Who is my day-of contact?

Every event has dedicated support for our clients!

Depending on your package level, here is what to expect:

  • For a Standard event, we have a dedicated Support Team that you may contact at anytime prior to your event. There will be automated emails leading up to the event in which you are able to contact them with any questions.
  • For any Standard event that is scheduled outside of our Support Team hours (Support Team hours are M-F 9:00 am - 5:00 pm PT), you will be introduced to your day of contact, a dedicated Event Producer, via an automated email once we are 24 hours out from your event date. You may contact them during that time for any last-minute changes. Please note, due to the volume of events with last-minute changes, not all accommodations are guaranteed. There are no planning calls with the Support Team or Event Producers for Standard event bookings. Standard events are still fabulously fun and engaging, but they are more of a turnkey offering, and do not include customizations.
  • If you reserved a Pro or Premium event, you will have contact with your Event Producer as soon as you fill out the details about your group in your Dashboard. You will be introduced via an automated email with more details!

With all Pro and Premium event bookings, a client benefits from a planning call with their Event Producer:

  • Pro bookings: max of 1 call per event, as needed.
  • Premium bookings: max of 3 calls per event, as needed.

Note: Our fantastic Event Producers are extremely busy and are actively producing events for much of their working day. That being said, if you are a Pro or Premium client that is particularly crunched for time, please reach out to our Support Team and we'll try to speed up this process as much as possible!