Who will be my day of contact?

You will have an awesome Event Producer ready to help guide you through your upcoming event!

For in-person events, before meeting your Event Producer, please be sure to fill out your Dashboard. The information provided will help us get to know your group better 🤸.


For any event scheduled more than 21 days from your event:

For any in-person event with an on-site host, or a pro/premium level event with a self-hosted/on-screen host, you will be introduced via an automated email immediately after filling out your dashboard.

For any in-person standard-level on-screen or self-hosted event, you will be introduced to your event producer within 21 days of your event.

If you have an event that is booked within 21 days of the event:

Please fill out your event details on the dashboard ASAP! Your Event Producer will be introduced to you within 24 hours, and the information before meeting with us is extremely valuable!


When you are introduced to your Event Producer, you will then be able to finalize your event and ask any questions. Your Event Producer will be there to help you feel confident for a fun and memorable experience 🧡


If you need any support prior to speaking with your Event Producer, please contact our awesome support team.